What To Do When You Find A Cat

Stray cat

We encourage you to trap, neuter and return (TNR)** any feral cats that you have on your property. Feral Cats are not adoptable and are difficult to relocate - you will have a difficult time finding a placement for them. If you have feral cats that are in eminent danger then you can contacting Barncats at 972-315-2875.

If you have tame stray cats and no one will take them then we encourage you to (TNR)** trap, neuter and return with them as well. If you have tame stray cats that need homes you will have a better chance of a group taking them if you neuter and get them at least a rabies shot before contacting a group. This does not guarantee any group will take them. MOST RESCUE GROUPS ARE OVERWHELMED WITH REQUESTS AND ANIMALS THAT NEED HOMES. Do not expect results quickly.

**If you need help understanding the Trap, Neuter and Return method then please contact us or go to the Alley Cat Allies or contact DFW Feral Friends at 972-671-0429. If you need a low cost spay/neuter source please contact the low cost spay/neuter clinic in Denton at 940-566-5551.

This is a list of other rescue groups. We disavow any knowledge of them so be sure to ask whether or not they are a kill group or a no kill group. You can also go to petfinder.com to find additional groups in your area.

If you need to report animal abuse, please contact your local police department and animal control office.

Some additional rescue groups you may want to contact:

Wildlife Resources

Orphaned and injured wildlife require special care. Should you find a wild bird or animal, it is important that you contact a wildlife rehabilitator.

Lost & Found Animals

  • Find-A-Pet
    Free service for found or lost pets.

Spay & Neuter Financial Assistance